Odor, Litter and Mud Controls

The Williamson County Landfill seeks to minimize potential odors that may generate from the landfill and covers fresh waste with soil or an approved alternative cover on a daily basis. In 2005, Waste Management will install a landfill gas collection and control system to reduce potential odors created by gases generated from the decomposition of waste.

Waste Management uses litter fences around the active areas of the Williamson County Landfill to catch windblown litter. Waste Management also regularly picks up litter for two miles along nearby roads, including FM 1660, Landfill Road, and County Road 130. To further reduce litter, Waste Management also adds a surcharge fee for any vehicle that comes into the landfill with loads not covered by a tarp.

To help remove mud from truck tires before they exit the landfill, Waste Management uses a drive-thru mud removal system. Also, the main landfill road is paved, allowing mud to be removed before trucks reach nearby public roads.