Daily Operations

The "area method" of landfilling is used at the Williamson County Landfill. Refuse is unloaded directly at the toe or at the top of the inclined working face and into daily disposal areas. Each disposal area contains the refuse delivered to the site on that day. The incoming refuse is unloaded within the active landfilling area, and spread in lifts of two (2) feet thick, using bulldozers and trash compaction equipment.

Waste placement in disposal areas is in accordance with a predetermined fill sequence plan. The plan is designed to minimize the generation of leachate by reducing, to the extent practical, the active surface area of the landfill that is exposed to precipitation.

The area of the landfill with intermittent or final cover is graded to direct storm water into the storm water collection system, again reducing the generation of leachate. The final fill construction sequence is comprised of waste placement on top of the active landfill area to reach the final permitted elevation. Once areas have reached their maximum grades, the final cover is completed.


Located on the entrance road is a computerized weigh station. Trucks are weighed in and out of the site utilizing a 70-foot, 50-ton capacity scale. The scalehouse computer system maintains a database of each transaction including the name of the customer, volume, weight, waste type, and time of disposal. Data to complete state-required reports is compiled and submitted to the TCEQ.

In general, unauthorized vehicles are restricted from entering the site. Disposal is only allowed during normal landfill operating hours. A security fence encloses the landfill. Security gates are also provided at the landfill entrance.

Traffic entering and exiting the weigh station is videotaped on a closed circuit television and monitored at the scalehouse facility. Speed limit signs, no smoking signs and signs directing traffic to the working face are posted along the access road.


The landfill provides mulch made of clean vegetative debris and clean wood products, at the facility.

For a fee, residents may bring clean wood products, clean brush and other types of vegetation to the landfill.

All material must be free of other types of waste including but not limited to household trash, commercial trash, construction and demolition debris, wastewater sludge, etc…

Collected material is processed into mulch, which is available to Wilco residents at no additional charge.

If assistance is requested to load mulch, there will be an additional loading fee.

Beginning December 26th and ending the last Friday in January residents may dispose of natural Christmas trees at no charge as long as tree is eligible to be processed as vegetative mulch.

Christmas trees must not be flocked and shall be free of tinsel or any other Christmas decoration.

Artificial Christmas trees are considered standard household waste.

Please refer to the Contact Us page for current landfill fees.

Special Wastes

The Williamson County Landfill uses a rigorous waste screening program to identify unauthorized waste. Employees are trained in proper observation, identification and handling of special waste. Special waste customers must have their wastes profiled and pre-approved by qualified technical staff within Waste Management prior to acceptance at the landfill, in accordance with a TCEQ-approved waste acceptance plan.

In addition, Waste Managements conducts random inspections of incoming loads to screen for unauthorized waste.