Public Health and Environment Protection

The Williamson County Landfill is operated safety and in compliance with stringent state and federal environmental laws. It is both the County's and Waste Management's intent to meet or exceed state and federal environmental requirements designed to protect groundwater and surface water.

The landfill is scientifically engineered to minimize environmental impacts through use of sound planning, design and operations, which provide safe, long-term disposal of waste within its facility.

Groundwater protection is an integral part of construction and operations. The landfill uses a time-tested, federally-approved composite liner system designed to protect groundwater. Groundwater monitoring wells located around the perimeter of the site are sampled and analyzed on a scheduled basis by trained monitoring technicians. The water quality data is evaluated by independent professionals and submitted directly to TCEQ.

A leachate collection and extraction system is placed over the liner system. (Leachate is the liquid generated from rainfall and the natural decomposition of waste.) Leachate is collected in protected sumps and pumped to leachate storage tanks.

To manage storm water runoff, the Williamson County Landfill uses silt fences, rock dams, erosion control mats, and other best management practices. Erosion control devices, including storm water ditches and channels, are inspected weekly and after each significant rainfall to ensure that their intended purpose is accomplished. When necessary, sediment is removed.

To ensure protection of Mustang Creek, Waste Management takes quarterly samples of storm water leaving the site and analyzes them for silt and metals.